Memorial Care Center Services

Memorial Care Center Services


Memorial Care Center's skilled registered nursing professionals, many of whom are AACN Medical Surgical Certified, are available 24 hours a day to meet the medical, physical, mental, and psychosocial needs of our patients.

Understanding the individual needs of each patient and their family is important in meeting our goal of providing dignity, comfort, and personalized attention. For patients needing supportive care, our nursing service focus is on providing individualized care and consistent assessment of medical and psychosocial needs, as well as on rehabilitation services to increase independence and assist each patient to reach their highest potential.

Physical Therapy

With patients being discharged from the hospital before rehabilitation services are complete, physicians admitting their patients to Memorial Care Center provide a smooth transition from the acute care setting to a rehabilitation environment. This continuum of care assists patients in reaching their optimal potential and returning to their normal lifestyles. Memorial Hospital Belleville is the area's largest and most experienced provider of physical therapy services with more than 180 years of combined experience among its staff of licensed therapists. With Memorial Care Center's full-time physical therapist on site and physical therapy services provided seven days a week, our facility provides Southern Illinois' most comprehensive and progressive rehabilitation physical therapy services.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy services are provided to help patients regain independence in the activities of daily living. Patient education and multi-faceted communication are incorporated into each individualized treatment plan. Services are diverse: teaching personal care techniques, conducting activities to increase upper extremity strength and coordination, and promoting basic independent living skills. The ultimate goal is to assist patients in reaching their optimum potential in self care.

Recreation Therapy

Recreation therapy provides patients a variety of opportunities and services designed to meet the patient's individual needs in returning to their previous status. Educational services are individualized including stroke education and community re-entry skills. Planned recreational activities allow patients to maintain their current leisure lifestyle, develop new interests, or adapt present abilities to achieve desired skills.

Speech Therapy

Speech-language pathologists work with patients to assess and treat vocal and language impairment, which includes understanding spoken words, producing fluent speech, and choosing the correct words when speaking. Speech therapists can also help patients who have difficulty in swallowing, communicating, and/or cognitive impairments. They may recommend exercises to improve muscle movement, positions, or techniques to help with swallowing and suggest specific foods and liquid textures that are easier and safer to swallow. They may also help patients remember the safety precautions, exercises, and new routines that the other therapists and nursing staff have added to your plan of care for a safe transition home.

Social Service

Complete social services are provided by professionally trained, licensed social workers to help patients and their families cope with the problems that may accompany an illness and a Memorial Care Center stay. As part of the interdisciplinary team, the social worker contributes to the overall treatment plan and assists with appropriate discharge planning.

Other Services Available

The complete range of all other diagnostic, treatment, and support services of Memorial Hospital Belleville, as ordered by the patient's private physician, includes:

  • Laboratory and X-ray
  • Pharmacy, kinetic consulting
  • Nutritional support and counseling
  • Respiratory care
  • Beauty shop
  • Religious/spiritual services—Sunday school, catholic mass, chapel, bible study
  • Pre-admission and financial counseling

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