Memorial’s Center for Diabetes Education Overview

Find out who can get help from the Center for Diabetes Education and what Certified Diabetes Educators, like Angela Weeks, help patients with.

How can someone get help from the Center for Diabetes Education?

To get into the Diabetes Center, a patient has to be referred by the doctor treating their diabetes. A patient does have to have diabetes. Most often, they are newly diagnosed with diabetes, but not always. Sometimes patients have had diabetes for a long time, and they've just never had any education or maybe something has changed in their diabetes treatment plan, and they need additional education. We mostly serve type 2 patients in our outpatient center, but we can see type 1 too.

What do you work with patients on?

First, we do an assessment to see what they already know about diabetes. We're working with them really on two aspects: knowledge and behavior change. Most often, the knowledge is the easy part. The behavior changes are the hard part.

How many sessions does a patient get with the Center?

We have a total of six sessions. Their first session is an individual visit with the diabetes educator. Then, we assign them to up to four group sessions. They can take those all in one month or spread them out. The exact amount of time it takes can vary. After they've finished that core of the program they come back three months later for a post session.

What would you tell someone who has diabetes?

It absolutely can be managed. You don't need to struggle or suffer. Find a nurse or a dietitian who has that credentialing as a Certified Diabetes Educator, and there's help to make it easier. Maybe never easy, but easier.

For more information about Memorial's Center for Diabetes Education, please call (618) 257-4800.