Remembering Many Years of Exceptional Healthcare and Compassionate Service

Memorial is fortunate to have very committed staff. In fact, 49 employees have worked at Memorial for 40 or more years, and in the first quarter of 2019 we have celebrated 10 retirements:

  • Renee Secrest
  • Diane Herzig
  • Ann “Potts” Hampel
  • Cindy Dietrich
  • Jayne Jun
  • Shannon Abram
  • Nancy Buckley
  • Don Courtial
  • Doug Nicely
  • Barb Jany

38 Years - Barb Jany

“My favorite aspects of working here were the patients and people I work with [and] belonging to an organization who serves the community I am involved in. My advice for other employees—life is a journey and a continuum of learning. You always need to learn and grow; you cannot become stagnate. You need a challenge.”

— Barb Jany, RN, Nursing Director

31 Years - Renee Secrest

“My favorite aspect of my work was having seasoned nurses available for advice and then appreciating the role of helping new nurses.”

— Renee Secrest, RN, Float Pool

43 Years - Nancy Buckley

Nancy worked in Memorial’s lab for more than 43 years. She looks forward to traveling, gardening, taking classes, and spending time with her family.

59 Years - Don Courtial

“The good vibes, working with great physicians, excellent people overall, for whom I have great respect and appreciation, kept me here and encouraged me to continue the work I loved.”

— Don Courtial, PT, Rehabilitation Services

18 Years - Doug Nicely

“My favorite times have always been in doing rounds. This is one of those rare ministry opportunities when you meet everyone, rather than just your own type of people. I am so grateful for all of the relationships that have been built and nurtured by my chaplaincy over the years at Memorial. I am not the same person I was when I came here. I have learned how
God guides my steps (as He does for each of us) every day!”

— Reverend Doug Nicely, Chaplain,
     Memorial Hospital East Pastoral Care

36 Years - Jayne Jun

Jayne started as a clinical staff nurse in the emergency department in 1983. She is known for her love of Nurse’s Day and has worked the past 28 years on making this celebration
special for all nursing services’ staff in the organization.

42 Years - Ann “Potts” Hampel

Ann contributed in the ICU for close to 42 years. She is looking forward to traveling, spending time with her grandchildren, and playing softball in the Senior Games. 

32 Years - Shannon Abram

“My favorite aspects of working here was the relationships that I have made with fellow employees. They became my ‘work’ family. Sometimes your own family doesn’t understand nurse talk, and there was always someone here to talk to. I have loved having the autonomy with the Heart Failure program to be able to help patients and their families.”

— Shannon Abram, RN, Memorial Hospital Belleville Care
     Coordinator, Case Management