Scholarship Promotion, Selection, and Notifications

Scholarship Promotion, Selection, and Notifications

Program Promotion

Memorial Foundation’s Scholar Athlete Program will be promoted as follows:

  • Letters to schools informing them of this program
  • Visits to school guidance counselors
  • Web site
  • Social media including Facebook and Twitter
  • News releases

Selection Process

The selection committee will review the monthly scholar athlete applications for the following criteria:

  • GPA
  • Other academic achievements
  • Athletic accomplishments
    • Number of sports played
    • Number of years playing each sport
    • Recognition
  • School involvement
  • Community involvement

Winner Notification and Publicity

Monthly scholar athletes will be notified by mail of their selection. They will receive a congratulatory letter and certificate from Memorial Foundation. 

Winners will be publicized through:

  • Memorial’s web site and through Facebook and Twitter (with parental permission)
  • News release distributed to area print media
  • Publicity by high school